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Perla Rosa | 20 Caps

Perla Rosa for Women is one of our new brand products giving our customers another option to increase female libido.

Perla Rosa may improve a woman’s libido and may produce multiple orgasms.

Perla Rosa may intensify sensation and speed up arousal and enhance blood flow into the genital parts of the woman and assist in vaginal lubrication.

Women may find a reduction in vaginal dryness;

Perla Rosa may support intensity of fantasies and anticipation of sex;

Women may experience lessened mood swings and irritation.


Ginkgo Biloba - 106mg
Flos Caryophylli - 100mg
Allii Teberosi Seed - 100mg
Rhizoma Curculignis - 50mg
Radix Rehmanniae - 50mg
Fructus Tribuli Stem (<2.5% Saponides) - 44mg


20x 450mg