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V-XL Sexual Enhancement Chewing Gum for Men

Boosting your libido is now as easy as chewing a piece of gum. For men that don’t like the idea of pills or capsules, there is now V-XL Sexual Enhancement Chewing Gum. There are 4 pieces per pack. Simply start chewing 5 minutes before sexual activity.

The blend of herbal ingredients found in V-XL Gum can boost your libido and energy, so you have more stamina to perform when the time comes. Containing Tribulus Terrestris, which is thought to help in cases of infertility, aid erectile dysfunction and increase your desire for sex.

Avoid chewing more than 1 piece in a 24 hour period.


L’arginine, Cortex Cinnamomi, Radix Ginseng, Angelica, Amylum, Pineapple Extract, Colour (E110).

Pack of 4 Gums